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Mauro choreographs, produces, and directs ice skating productions and events with his company, House of Mauro Productions


Mauro's work has been showcased across the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East by world-class professional and amateur skaters alike.  He is a Professional Skaters Association rated choreography instructor, Ice Theatre of New York Commissioned Choreographer, American Ice Theatre Certified Choreographer, and between 2016-2017 Mauro was the Head Choreographer at the Trelleborgskonståkningsklubb in Trelleborg, Sweden.

Watch creations by House of Mauro here:

Highlighted works include:  

Symphony of Elements at the Joy Awards in Saudi Arabia: director and choreographer

Aquata for Ice Theatre of New York: director and choreographer

Satie's Skittles with Danil Berdnikov and Liz Schmidt

Body Parts for Ice Theatre of New York: director and choreographer

A Night on Ice by House of Mauro: producer, director, and choreographer

Ice FM: producer, director, and choreographer

Rendezvous sur Glace: co-producer, director, and choreographer

Skating Through The Movies: co-producer, director, and choreographer

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