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Lead performer for major ice skating production companies since 2007.

Credits include: Principal skater for Holiday on Ice Productions BV, Cast Manager and Soloist for Willy Bietak Productions, Principal skater for Rosstyn Ice Shows & Rink Designs, Soloist for Dynamic Shows GmbH, Principal skater for Arena International Illusion on Ice, Soloist for Ucha Atayde Entertainment, Wheeler Productions Performer, Ice Dance International performer, Soloist/Choreographer for American Ice Theatre, Soloist/Choreographer for the Ice Theatre of New York, Los Angeles Ice Theatre Soloist, Billingham International Folklore Festival of World Dance Soloist, Soloist for Moins5.

Mauro also appeared in the musical Chicago at the Wilton Playshop, and on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.


Holiday on Ice, Speed, Mauro Bruni


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